Ecstatic Dance Vancouver

Movement is our medicine

First originating thousands of years ago, Ecstatic Dance has become a thriving worldwide movement of healthy, empowered people who, through freeform dance, are discovering, unleashing and enhancing their potential to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

The music is usually electronic, sometimes accompanied with live instruments. The event is drug and alcohol free and we ask people to keep their cel phones, footwear and talking off the dance floor. The dance is entirely free form and improvisational.

Through Ecstatic Dance we hope to create as a safe container of mindfulness and respect and we welcome everyone.

Ecstatic Dance occurs monthly on Saturday mornings at various locations across Vancouver.  We are working really hard at establishing more consistent events at one location.

Our emphasis is on joy, connection and optimistic, upbeat music! We hope you can come and shake it up and sweat it out with us.

Please check out our Facebook page: Ecstatic Dance Vancouver to stay up to date on upcoming events.

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