June 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only forcing us to physically distance ourselves from loved ones, but many people are also experiencing higher levels of anxiety, fear, stress and sadness than ever before. Without the usual remedy of a friend’s embrace to comfort us as we deal with these heavy feelings and navigate through this bizarre time, it’s very easy to feel lonely and more isolated.

The Provibers are here to help! We are super excited to be offering StoryTime as our best substitute for that hug people are missing.

Storytime was a fun experiment that lasted from May 5 – June 9 2020.
Stories were told by a rotating cast of volunteer characters and broadcast via Facebook Live as well as a more intimate Zoom get together. You can still catch each story as they are saved on our Proviber Facebook page.

We look forward to bringing it back in the future when the circumstances, storytellers and inspiration align.

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