Quarantine Squares

February 5, 2021

“I like the idea of collecting nuts and getting wealthy so I’ll have to agree, Tom!” – Contestant X

The Provibers have always been at our best when we are able to work our magic in person, hands-on, face-to-face. This year, when those options are off the table, we’ve dug deep to find fun and engagement through the digital space. This winter, one thing we all needed was a little laughter. So we decided to give everyone a little joy, in the form of a silly game show: QUARANTINE SQUARES!

The idea came about when we realized that the Zoom calls we’ve all grown so accustomed to could easily be hilariously repurposed into an online version of that old classic game show, Hollywood Squares. With a little tweaking, we tailored this easy and ridiculous concept, featuring Provibers as the cast and contestants of the show. The “Squares” came as themselves, or in character, and provided much zaniness to the 100 or so folks who tuned in via Zoom and Facebook Live. As we said, the only thing better than a hilarious game show is a hilarious game show starring your friends!

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