Become a member! Why?

  1. It lets your fellow Provibers and Vibesquad know you’re keen to be a part of the adventure!
  2. You’ll be regularly updated on all Proviber activities and events
  3. You’ll get to vote on big group decisions
  4. It’ll hopefully help everyone (the community) feel included and leadership (VibeSquad) feel supported
  5. Members can feed into/join the Vibesquad 


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Provibers Principles:
  • RESPECT of others, of ourselves, and our identity
  • APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR with respect to safety and cultural/situational sensitivity (For example: no short shorts at church, no alcohol in mosques, no fires during fire bans). Fun, not offensive.
  • PLAY to and with the community we are working with. Maximize interaction with those outside our group.
  • TRUST each other. But also look out for each other. Use the buddy system.
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