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Catalysts for Connection in our Community

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providing the vibe since 2014

We are an energetic group of creatives, doers, tinkerers, engagement strategists and party planning enthusiasts from the Pacific Northwest. We bring playful curiosity and spirit to social events, campaigns, festivals, and community projects. Through our own unique approach we spark self-expression and ignite genuine connection. Our goal in every project is to encourage authentic engagement and have fun!

Our Mission

To create connection and inspiration within our communities. Through inclusion, creativity and empowering others we hope to create a community of caring and connected people. We love to have fun, meet new people, honour each others stories and experiences and expand our community.

Our Core Values

providing the vibe since 2014





what we do

Providing the vibe since 2014

We provide support, energy, and people-power for efforts in the community that align with our core values.

Who We Are

providing the vibe since 2014

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providing the vibe since 2014

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