Coop Du Soleil

January 11, 2020

Imagine sitting your best friends down after your 49th birthday and saying “Hey, next year I’m turning 50 and I’d like you to help me throw the most epic 50th birthday party Vancouver has ever seen! I want costumes, live performances, my favorite DJs, custom-designed drinks and all my favorite people there.” Well, that is exactly what Cooper Seeman did on January 11th at the Beaumont Studios. After having spent the better part of a year meticulously and enthusiastically planning, boy did his party-planning team of close friends deliver a legendary jubilee! 

Having landed on the Circus theme, which naturally prompted naming the event “Coop du Soleil”, the live performance acts included a handstand contortionist, a clown on stilts, a snake charmer and an aerial performer serving drinks while hanging upside down! Yet the party planners weren’t quite satisfied and felt the party needed some unique activations.

Enter the Provibers…

We quickly assembled a rag-tag group of about a half-dozen, party-eager, crafty jokesters and goofballs. Given the theme we decided to morph our natural black-white-stripes-encouraged fatigues into clown outfits together with some well-placed makeup, red noses, hats, helium, and – literally – bells and whistles. The result was a high-energy, mischievous and prop-assisted chaotic clown-act set on adding flair and joyful interactive energy to the event upon instant arrival. A few hours later the human-sized whack-a-mole had been properly activated, countless photos had been clown-bombed, all helium consumed and the dance floor was a-shakin’.

Truth be told, Cooper has some pretty amazing and party-savvy friends who needed little guidance in fun-having. They showing up in style, theme-dressed to the nines and danced ’til the lights came on. But the birthday boy sure did seem satisfied with our contributions: “[Thanks to] the Provibers for bringing the positive clown-y energy and amping everyone up all night.

The Provibers would like to thank Cooper and his party-planning group of friends for inviting us to bring our energy to such a special occasion and for allowing us to be our goofy selves. 

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