The Emotional Baggage Check

July 12, 2019

“We hope you leave here feeling lighter”

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Following the successful launch of our inaugural in-flight, connection-infused carrier, ProVibe Air, the Provibers took off this summer poised to show the world our World-Class-Baggage-Policy™. Introducing the Emotional Baggage Cart (EBC): an interactive, person-activated, mobile art installation designed to leave you feeling lighter. Feeling weighed down? Aware of how your baggage is no longer serving you?  Allow us to be your gate-to-gate connection guides as we check any and all baggage, offering you the opportunity to be transformed, and your tender cargo to be left behind.

Operated by trained gate agents and baggage handlers, the EBC offers a unique, person-centred experience that is both entertaining and playful, while maintaining a sincere awareness of the vulnerable impact facilitating an experience of this depth can have. When not activated by the Provibers, the EBC offers both instructions and a cozy, enclosed lounge for passengers to check emotional baggage at their leisure. Successfully handling baggage at both Bass Coast and Burn in the Forest (BiTF) in 2019, the EBC surpassed expectations in passenger experience, inviting in a diversity of exceptional feedback. Further, the candor and vulnerability expressed in what passengers checked and left behind has been profound and deeply moving. One passenger at BiTF cited the EBC as one of the highlights of their festival experience when they wrote:

“One of the most powerful moments of my Burn was coming upon the Emotional Baggage installation and standing in silent awe as I took in the vulnerability and bravery of those who chose to share what they wanted to leave behind. During the early part of my Burn I struggled with feeling like an imposter… But when I saw what you, the nameless, wrote; when ‘doubt’ or ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’ or other manifestations of pain were written out more times than I could count, I felt it; I felt connected to you. I no longer felt alone. I saw that my place was with you because you were sharing your shadow selves and you were here.You showed up. My dark places and my light could co-exist in this space because there was room to honour both.

So thank you to the creators of this installation for serving as a catalyst and thank YOU, whoever you are, for being courageous and sharing some of your shadows. Being witness to your struggle turned my Burn around and allowed me to fully revel in the experience, both the highs and the lows. I finally felt like I was home.”

Activating the EBC in the festival world and witnessing the raw vulnerability of the beautiful humans who engaged with this project remains deeply impactful for the Provibers. We look forward to integrating this rich form of authentic, participant-driven art into public space and we welcome any and all creative opportunities in supporting this world to feel a little lighter. 

Provibers emotional baggage check has been executed at:

  • Basscoast, Merritt BC 2022
  • Burn in the Forest, Snug Lake BC 2019
  • Basscoast, Merritt BC 2019
  • ProvibeAir fundraiser, Vancouver BC 2019
  • Burning Man, Black Rock City 2018

Please contact us if you would like the Emotional Baggage Cart to make an appearance at your event.

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