Provibe Air: Inaugural Fundraiser

June 15, 2019

WOW! That plane REALLY took off. Thank you from the inner chambers of this tender fuselage for showing up with such style, respect, and commitment to connection. Your contributions have helped us fill up our coffers so that we can execute more fun and unique projects that we create to offer an alternative to apathy and isolation in our communities. These funds will help with materials, transportation, planning, and overall well-being of the Provibers as we see projects through to completion. Your contributions also go towards funding our What Do You Need granting process which allows us to support great ideas from individuals and groups outside the Proviber community.


– Deep bows to our gracious host Dee and all the folks at Pace Fabric & Design Products for welcoming us into the space.

– Endless appreciation to Dmitri Bajenov and the crew behind Futureproof Collective for your outstanding visual support.

– Mad love to Denise & Marcus for throwing it down on sound. Such fabulous energy from you both.

– Huge hugs to Erica Dee, Sasha Rose, and boizNcatz for offering first-class in-flight entertainment.

– Mind-shattering amounts of awe to all the helpers, supports, contributors, organizers, and foundational Provibe Air players who put their blood, sweat, and tears into getting this thing off the ground. There are far too many people to thank AND you know who you are and you will continue to be loved, squished, and appreciated in all the ways to infiniti and beyond.


“Well that was an amazing flight! The inflight service was top notch, turbulence was non existent, and couldn’t have asked for a smoother landing. It was fun making consensual connections with the crew and other guests on the flight. Looking forward to earning many more flight miles on this Canadian airline! Additional thanks to the ground crew for helping with the jet lag the next morning.” – Amelia ❤️hart

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we arrived late for our flight, but Provibe Air cheerfully checked our bag and efficiently got us onboard. In-flight service was exceptional. Smooth flight. Entertainment system was very entertaining. Our trip took us where we needed to go with minimal carbon footprint. We would highly recommend Provibe Air!” – Mark A.

“Holy moly that was such a fantastic party! Thank you so so much for the epic effort and all the details! I’m still smiling and laughing!” – Fish


Original invitation:

At Provibe Air, we believe that community engagement is all about positive altitude and we’re here to take you under our wings! The view is always better at 37,000 feet.

Pack your bags, don your best airline attire and arrive at a different kind of airport experience. Skip the lines past customs & clearance by following our team of alluring Provibe Air Attendants, primed to welcome you with the opportunity of a lifetime:

“We’re here to help you make your connection”

Please join us! Where you’ll find a different kind of vibe.

**On Arrival**

You’re expertly ushered into the Digital Detox lounge: a space curated for you to arrive Here, Now. Checking your phone for the duration of the flight grants you VIP (Vulnerability in Practice) access to an all-inclusive airline experience and priority bar service. Follow the signs to the pre-screening area for the emotional baggage check (trust us, you’ll leave feeling loads lighter). Enjoy the relaxation lounge, the complimentary snacks (“my, what a wonderful tunic you’re wearing!”), and exceptional in-flight entertainment.

**In-Flight Entertainment**

Your music directors aboard will guide you through the duration of your flight. Although there may be some bass-induced turbulence, the seat belt signs will at no time be illuminated, so please stand up, dance, and enjoy:

– A smooth taxi to the runway led by first officer boizNcatz (

– An elegant take-off and transition to cruising altitude co-captained by Sasha Rose (

– A connected landing and arrival at the gate co-captained by Erica Dee (

You’ve arrived. Thank you for choosing Provibe Air, we hope you made your connection and found a safe place to land. We guarantee you a party so fly, you might end up with your tail a spinnin’.

Your Vibe-acious Carrier

Provibe Air is a community-curated, airline-themed fundraiser in support of the Provibers, a non-profit organization that brings playful curiosity and creative spirit to social events, campaigns, festivals, and community projects. At Provibe Air, we believe in member-to-member moments, and offer our valued guests intentional opportunities to make meaningful connections through interactive and participatory in-flight experiences. Not just a dance-party pop-up, Provibe Air is the chartered choice that provides every passenger with an automatic upgrade. Welcome to First-Class Friendship.




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