Seattle Birthday Love – Birds of Play

May 6, 2018

A Seattle triple-threat birthday weekend created by Provibers for Provibers and an opportunity for a crew of Seattle locals to experience their city in a way they never have before. Organizers were tasked with meeting the requests of participants who requested Fun (wild costuming, silliness, and playfulness), Essentials (exploring the city, good food and downtime), and of course Authenticity (connection, meaningful conversation, deepening of relationships both new and old).

When flying with such a large gaggle (40 participants) it is of tradition to break down into more manageable broods to: a) costume plan because, let’s face it, that’s always more fun, b) be unnecessarily competitive with each other and brag about it lovingly. What better way to build camaraderie amongst new friends?!, and c) use these groups to make sure everyone is accounted for when moving around town, so no bird gets left behind.

Teams were created based on a variety of scientific factors and were assigned the theme: BIRDS OF PLAY and were encouraged to take the dress up fun seriously 😉


The curated experience contained the following main events:


A live show in Capitol Hill via a stop at the Unicorn

An intimate after party at a unique location


A curated scavenger hunt tour of Seattle while improvising to the theme Birds of Play

An facilitated evening of authentic connection


A profound heart-opening yoga session

Daytime Dance session with Sasha Rose

Award ceremony


We were left deeply touched with the way participants of this special weekend trusted in the process, freed themselves to play along, and found connection within themselves and each other. We created the space and they brought the magic. Thank you for bringing your whole beautiful selves.


Here is what some of them had to say…..

“I have been filled with a renewed sense of love and self compassion this whole last week and want to thank each and every one of you for contributing to this restoration. Through connecting with each of you, I was able to connect more deeply with myself. This week I faced personal and professional fears, and found myself replacing every moment of negativity or doubt with a gentle hymn: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”


“Thank you all so much for sharing such a lovely, playful, silly, deep, connecting, engaging, and hilarious weekend with me! I felt super welcomed into your vibe, and loved getting to know you. What a juicy pack of gorgeous souls. I appreciated the span of experiences, from the most ridiculous, to meditative, to tender. I feel blissed and blessed from our time together. I can’t wait to connect with you all again.”


“…squawks of delight, distress and dumbfoundedness have reflected my own erratic flight path during the creative process. There were many more updrafts than cold currents, of course, and I have been constantly reminded of your brilliance, ingenuity, oddity, handsomeness, vulnerability and overwhelming desire to ‘bring the vibe’…I am fulfilled by witnessing these displays of affection and friendship, my desire to be a more permanent part of this group has been affirmed and I am forever grateful for the opportunity of inclusion. So many of you shared your gifts – through organisation, opening your home and heart or simply your unexpected presence….I often ponder the incredible good fortune which resulted in my stumbling across this ever-expanding friendship group while wandering through the vastness of North America in 2014. My intention for that year was to engage in connection, curiosity and kinship – I couldn’t have imagined how much the people I met would open my eyes, my mind and my heart. I feel loved by you, I can be myself with you and I feel valued among you. Viva la Vibe.”


“I am still REELING. Each time I tell anyone who asks “how was Seattle” I laugh to myself inside because how could I ever do it justice with words?!?!? What you gave me was the most amazing gift, so a thousand times, THANK YOU for your UNBELIEVABLE ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS, YOUR CREATIVITY & SUPERB EXECUTION-OF PLANS (LIKE WOW!!!); your participation, YOUR LOVE, the BELLY LAUGHS (my jaw and face still hurt), your GENEROSITY, your hugs, your kisses, your drink-making skills, your dance moves, your ridiculousness, YOUR KIND WORDS, your openness, THAT MOST AMAZING BLIND WALK EXPERIENCE THAT STILL BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES and YOUR DEDICATION TO FUN!!!!… this weekend showed me I have SO MUCH love at my disposal and I have an incredible support network with an OUTSTANDING group of emotionally mature, amazingly caring people.”

Photos courtesy of Stu Walmsley and Mitch Olsen

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