A Night Market Vibe

September 11, 2015

In what became the greatest multi-week makers block party in the furthest corner of the Pacific Northwest, the Commercial Street Night Market highlighted craft makers, musicians, artists, lighting specialists and creative designers to take over an under-served street in Bellingham, Washington.  As part of a 2015 citywide place making design competition titled “Kapow”, the Commercial Street Night Market was selected as a winning entry.  Last fall, the Night Market became a central focus in downtown Bellingham, and for five weeks this event highlighted community centered collaboration. The Provibers were invited to help facilitate and inspire crowd engagement to the over 4,000 people attending. With support from our friends and Freestyle Focus Group, we helped this little community celebrate big ideas that will continue into 2016.

**The Provibers intend to submit several applications to the 2016 Kapow place making design challenge, and we’ll keep regular updates on what to expect from us this year.

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