The Great Re-gathering – Family Reunion

June 12, 2022

“High density magic”

After nearly two years without a proper in-person gathering and COVID restrictions starting to ease, the Provibers gathered for a Family Reunion at Manning Park, BC with the goal to reconnect with our existing Proviber members and to leave the weekend charged up, socially re-integrated and ready to reconnect with broader community.

And so 50 Provibers gathered in an old ski lodge for a weekend to play, connect and brainstorm about future projects. Connection exercises and silly games opened the weekend and set the tone. Workshops were held on the finer points of cuddling, massage and even the art of joygasms. A sauna tent and backwoods hot tub were erected and even the rain couldn’t slow down the reuniting – it turns out umbrellas work just fine around a campfire. DJs got our bodies shaking, family portraits were taken and a talent show ensued.

And finally, cracked open by play and connected by vulnerability, the community held a pitch series to explore projects for the coming year to catalyze connections and generate joy through community. An immediate outcome was to bring the Emotional Baggage Check to Basscoast festival and some even bigger ideas are starting to marinate including a multi-generational gathering anchored in the Proviber core values: connection, creativity, empowerment, and play.

A special shout out to Raiz Holistic Nutrition for going over and above to keep us nourished and supported over the course of the weekend.

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