The Dome

January 14, 2015

Watch us build her in a day!

Our dome was financed by over 35 generous people and was originally intended as a shelter for us on our 2014 summer festival tour. She made her debut at What The Festival in Orgeon, then Basscoast in Merritt, BC and eventually at Burningman. What looked like a colourful steel structure evolved into something much more beautiful and impactful than what met the eye. The uniqueness of the interior attracted strangers and the ease with which we spontaneously welcomed and hosted them planted the seed for our bigger vision as Provibers.

Whether it’s the dome or the beautiful people it contains, there is something special about each and every community that is created within it. We look forward to rebuilding the next unique experience.

Please let us know if you would like our dome at your special event.

Night Dome

Thank you Limbic Media for lighting up our dome home

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