June 2017


The Uuntzbrella

Uuntz: The official sound of a pulsing beat, formulating the sound of the bass drum (un) the snare (t) and the hi-hat (z) into one easy to say word. Also used to describe the beat of a heart. “I was at the concert and the music went “uuntz uuntz uuntz uuntz uuntz uuntz” and I […]

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Kapow Pop-Up Plaza – Bellingham, WA

Wow what an amazing day! The Provibers showed up in their true dazzle fashion as they helped create, design and build the Pop-Up plaza that transformed the Herald parking lot. This special one day event was a temporary takeover that showcased the benefits of PLACEMAKING: activating unproductive spaces. The day started off with morning yoga in the […]

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