Welcome Dome to Hootcamp

Cheam Fishing Village, BC

Each summer in BC’s lower mainland, the talents at Vancouver’s largest social media management firm (Hootsuite) host a spectacular party in a secret outdoor location. This year’s site was located at the beautiful Cheam First Nation territory on Pilalt tribal grounds just on the edge of the Fraser River (known as the Sto:lo).  Our hosts, the Cheam people and the Cheam fisherman, have been contributing to the land for over 10,000 years of experience on the Fraser River.

In partnership with our allies and heroes at Transformation Projects, The Provibers were contracted to provide our beloved dome as a safe place for “Owls” to engage. In addition, we celebrated a series of interactive games with team members, including Canada’s first official rendition of Slip n’ Slide Kickball.  A fun reminder that a party of any size can always use a vibe.


Photo Cred to Ash Tanasiychuk

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