by a blonde in 23D

Letter On A Puke Bag

“I am writing on a puke bag because it is the only thing I could find & I am that desperate to share my thoughts! I am flying back to my home town, about 45minutes from OAK, to look for a new place to live. I have been living with my husband of 3 years in Mount Vernon, WA, for almost 2 years. Several weeks ago we made the decision to get a divorce. I am heart broken, physically ill and terrified of what the future holds. I booked this flight just to get away from all of the sadness and spend time with my family & friends. I cried last night before falling asleep. I cried this morning on my way to the airport. Then I saw you & your friends….I found myself smiling, thinking about my friends. How much fun it would be to just get on a plane and go party for a weekend while being dressed up as sexy badass flight attendants (no matter how many crazy looks come by). Thank you for that. I’m going home with a new perspective. Know that the light you shine makes a difference even through just a smile. Have a blast today, tomorrow & forever. Aloha. Blonde in 23D.”

Routes of Change Founder, Global Explorer

I arrived in Vancouver 7 months into a trip around the world without a motor and couldn’t have fallen into better hands. The Provibers felt like family from the moment I met them. They didn’t just create and organize a party, they brought it too! Big respect. I can’t wait until the next time. -Markus Pukonen

“People of San Francisco”

meet Emily

Emily was born and raised in the Oakland area. Emily is curious and passionate. She teaches garden ecology to elementary students and is incredibly proud of the community of gardeners and ecologists that have connected for this cause of connecting students to their food and the life found in soil. The most important person outside her family for her right now is an 11 year old named Christian. She chose Christian because “he asks questions and has a genuine curiosity for the life around him,” which inspires Emily and gives her hope. Emily would like to leave others with encouragement “to keep asking questions into adulthood, it’s the only way to learn what life is all about.”

“Together, we will blow your minds” (about the Provibers) -Naomi, age 9

“Without them your party might suck a touch” – Australian chap who was having a really good time

Seattle May 2018

…squawks of delight, distress and dumbfoundedness have reflected my own erratic flight path during the creative process. There were many more updrafts than cold currents, of course, and I have been constantly reminded of your brilliance, ingenuity, oddity, handsomeness, vulnerability and overwhelming desire to ‘bring the vibe’…I am fulfilled by witnessing these displays of affection and friendship, my desire to be a more permanent part of this group has been affirmed and I am forever grateful for the opportunity of inclusion. So many of you shared your gifts – through organisation, opening your home and heart or simply your unexpected presence….I often ponder the incredible good fortune which resulted in my stumbling across this ever-expanding friendship group while wandering through the vastness of North America in 2014. My intention for that year was to engage in connection, curiosity and kinship – I couldn’t have imagined how much the people I met would open my eyes, my mind and my heart. I feel loved by you, I can be myself with you and I feel valued among you. Viva la Vibe. – Stu

Seattle 2018

“I am still REELING. Each time I tell anyone who asks “how was Seattle” I laugh to myself inside because how could I ever do it justice with words?!?!? What you gave me was the most amazing gift, so a thousand times, THANK YOU for your UNBELIEVABLE ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS, YOUR CREATIVITY & SUPERB EXECUTION-OF PLANS (LIKE WOW!!!); your participation, YOUR LOVE, the BELLY LAUGHS (my jaw and face still hurt), your GENEROSITY, your hugs, your kisses, your drink-making skills, your dance moves, your ridiculousness, YOUR KIND WORDS, your openness, THAT MOST AMAZING BLIND WALK EXPERIENCE THAT STILL BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES and YOUR DEDICATION TO FUN!!!!… this weekend showed me I have SO MUCH love at my disposal and I have an incredible support network with an OUTSTANDING group of emotionally mature, amazingly caring people. – Leia, birthday girl

Seattle May 2018

Thank you all so much for sharing such a lovely, playful, silly, deep, connecting, engaging, and hilarious weekend with me! I felt super welcomed into your vibe, and loved getting to know you. What a juicy pack of gorgeous souls. I appreciated the span of experiences, from the most ridiculous, to meditative, to tender. I feel blissed and blessed from our time together. I can’t wait to connect with you all again. – Dawn

Seattle May 2018

I have been filled with a renewed sense of love and self compassion this whole last week and want to thank each and every one of you for contributing to this restoration. Through connecting with each of you, I was able to connect more deeply with myself. This week I faced personal and professional fears, and found myself replacing every moment of negativity or doubt with a gentle hymn: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. – Meredith

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