The Uuntzbrella

June 30, 2017


The official sound of a pulsing beat, formulating the sound of the bass drum (un) the snare (t) and the hi-hat (z) into one easy to say word. Also used to describe the beat of a heart.

“I was at the concert and the music went “uuntz uuntz uuntz uuntz uuntz uuntz” and I danced until I couldn’t feel my feet.”



A device consisting of a cloth canopy on a folding metal frame, used as protection against rain or sun.

“Goodness Martha, look at this rain coming down! Thank goodness you brought your umbrella!”



Enter the Uuntzbrella. An all-weather, outdoor, mobile dance floor. Drop a coin in the slot, plug in your music, and get a dance party started!

Originally conceived of as a handheld umbrella, the Uuntzbrella is now on its 3rd iteration. The most recent version consists of a large patio umbrella mounted on the back of a hand pulled chuck wagon. A liberal amount of sparkles, sequins, fringe, and sound activated lights have been applied to liven up the experience, a small cuddle puddle has been constructed in the back, and a brand new sound system has been installed to really bring the Uuntz. And it’s already on the roll!

The Uuntzbrella was built to bring people together in dance. It can be set up anywhere and allows people to spontaneously interact with it, and each other, through sharing music and space.

Won’t you come dance with us!?

For more entertainment, check out our Uuntzbrella pitch at Kapow

If you would like more information about how the Uuntzbrella can make an appearance at one of your events, please contact us for details.


Photos Courtesy of Stu Walmsley – Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017

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