The Tickle Tent



Let’s strive to create unique experiences often and especially in common, everyday environments. It is the quiet colleague who one day shows up at the office wearing a wig and fluorescent shirt that is the catalyst for never before heard chuckles around the water cooler. It is the posse of 4 lavishly dressed men walking down the street who cause the usual passers-by to stop and initiate a light-hearted conversation. Unfortunately it is the “normal” that our society strives to fit into that is causing us to lack self-expression, that has us forget that going to get milk at the corner store can actually be enjoyable, that stops us from striking up a conversation with a stranger in the bank line.

Seem a little far-fetched for you in your current state of being? We get that. There’s power in numbers though. So let’s dress everyone up!

Enter: the Tickle Tent – Inspired by Mr. Dressup’s costume box (the tickle trunk), it’s guaranteed to disarm strangers and liven up any party.

Alterations in costume can be a catalyst for creativity and self-expression.  It challenges an individual’s perceptions, can cause extreme shifts in conditioning, and can create endless new possibilities between strangers.

If you would like more information about how the Tickle Tent can make an appearance at one of your events, please contact us for details.

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