The Art of Vibe

August 20, 2016

The Provibers engaged in Vancouver, BC’s largest gathering of artists and murals for the first Vancouver Mural Festival. Partnering with Cascadia’s Artquake Collective, the Proviber crew supported with outstanding auxiliary painting support, crowd management and general all-day good-times vibes.

An inspiring event that changed the lives of more than 50,000 participants and transformed the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood, the Provibers engaged a 30′ long 1990 Airex Rexhall (aka “Wandalust“).

The Provibers also showcased a small scale model of the Uuntzbrella, “uuntzpiring” people to dance while they painted, observed and shared hugs with strangers.

With over 20 pounds of dry ice and 300 ice cream sandwiches, “Hug Life” became an overnight international sensation – in every sense of the words. Learn more about the Artquake Collective here.

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