Planning Retreat

February 20, 2019

Strategizing? Stratevibing! On February 18, the Provibers gathered on the Sunshine Coast for a weekend-long retreat to work through and update ourselves. Expertly facilitated by the amazing Alaya Boisvert who also provided the retreat space, 14 Provibers showed up with intention and presence, ready for the challenge ahead.
After setting the ground rules for the retreat, sharing our hopes and fears as well as our intentions and resolutions for 2019, we launched into revamping the Provibers mission statement and values. With the steady and compassionate guiding hand of Alaya, and with the enthusiastic and all-shits given attitudes of the participants, we were able to brainstorm, discuss, listen and finally converge.
The retreat then progressed through Governance structuring, goal setting and finally arriving at the most rewarding stage of getting to plan all the fun events and projects we want to create and be apart of in 2019. The energy was electrifying as we enthusiastically brainstormed and sowed some very exciting seeds for things to come. Stay tuned for upcoming vibes!
Big thanks to everyone who helped us prepare for this retreat by answering the Proviber survey.
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