Kapow Pop-Up Plaza – Bellingham, WA

June 3, 2017

Wow what an amazing day! The Provibers showed up in their true dazzle fashion as they helped create, design and build the Pop-Up plaza that transformed the Herald parking lot. This special one day event was a temporary takeover that showcased the benefits of PLACEMAKING: activating unproductive spaces.

The day started off with morning yoga in the dome, followed up by some juggling and a talent show. Bodies were busy painting Wanda the RV (courtesy of Artquake) while donning themselves in the latest costume fashions out of the tickle tent. The big debut for the 2016 KAPOW winners: BellingHops, State of the Solar System, the bioluminescent State Street bike rack and of course, the Provibers’ (People’s Choice Award winners) long-awaited Uuntzbrella – and boy was she glorious.

Thank you Bellingham for letting us play with you.


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