Changemakers Bracelets

January 24, 2016

On Dec. 11, 2015, Changemakers gathered from all over Vancouver, BC to celebrate the good work between their collaborative missions. Many of these Changemakers are working in silos and feel lonely in their ventures. As a result, The Provibers  stepped up and commissioned a local designer to craft recycled friendship bracelets as a way to further connection at the event. We saw this celebration as a prime opportunity to strengthen the social fabric through an intimate moment of connection and acknowledgment. The results were not only instantaneous but long lasting. 
Amy Robinson of LOCO BC had this to say about her experience –   “It’s amazing to be recognized by those you love and respect. To take a moment to stop, to have someone see me and help me see what I mean to them, was a precious moment that is still with me.”
Want to have people at your gathering feel acknowledged and more connected to one another? We specialize in connection, contact us for more details. 
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