In The Works

Join the Provibers at Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival July 26-29, 2018!

We will be hosting Friendship Kitchen – A Cascadia Variety Show (featuring Sasha Rose) on July 28

Late night dining! Psychedelic style.  Partake in delicious mischief with the all-star Cascadia connection troupe, The Provibers, for a healthy serving of community, inclusion and sprinkle-sparkle dance party.  Together we are stirring up fragrant flavors to top off your festival experience. Every good party starts in the kitchen and in Friendship Kitchen, connection is what’s cooking.

We invite you to join us for a memorable night within a festival of old and new friends. In supporting connection, we encourage you to examine the full list of acts, Cascadia NW style.

If your community needs us, please check out our WHAT DO YOU NEED link or CONTACT US to connect!

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