Cast of Characters


Rarely are there people with such an ability to make a lasting impression. He’s a promoter, entrepreneur, fundraiser and dreamer and if you’ve seen him handle a large group of people, you’ll agree he’s the true master of puppets. Nick has the capacity to inspire others to challenge their perceptions and social fears while wrapping themselves in humour and fun. His creative energy pushes against the status quo with ease and consistency. He wears several hats, but most often it’s a tall one.
SPECIALTY: Urban Revitalization
HOMETOWN: Bellingham


This man is our rock. He is totally game for anything and always unphased by all. He is athletic, smart, handsome and good at everything. Hyuma can do most things in under 5 seconds flat. This includes: putting together a long-term temporary habitat, changing costumes, making things out of cardboard, drawing out extravagant ideas, collecting wild plants and taking apart an RV. Hyuma is a process and systems designer (“systems expert”), communication hub and able to translate people’s artistic ideas and language into technical terms. Patient and able to hold a powerful space for everyone’s project contributions he also likes to play devil’s advocate. He is a facilitation specialist who works best when he has reminders, enough food, serious fun, commitment and group focus.
FAVOURITE ANIMAL: A toss up between lynxes, peregrine falcons and, if insects count, dragon flies
HOMETOWN: Vancouver


Sara is constantly holding us accountable for doing good and doing it well. Her purpose in life is to help us save ourselves and our planet. She is caring, beautiful and as tenacious as they come. She has an uncanny ability to always look at things in a positive light, to always see the learning opportunity in every obstacle. Her goal is to keep us on the right path, both in life and love, and takes pride in feeding us well on all our adventures. She is a fantastic cuddler, loves moustaches and ‘doggies’ (a lot) and somehow makes corny jokes funny. Sara facilitates groups with intent and does best when they are willing to be open and respectful of each other. To do her best work she requires reassurance, guidance and to know that everyone is looking out for one another.
HOMETOWN: Vancouver
SPECIALTY: Environmental Sustainability and Social Entrepreneur


Every community has a core which keeps it together and the Provibers have Izzy – or Mamma as she is affectionately known. You have never met a more committed leader who tirelessly and selflessly works towards the common goal than our Izzy. She is the Provibers’ producer; a wildly talented organizer and communicator who drives the proverbial ship, ensuring that everyone is on board and empowered. Izzy balances this incredible act with her perpetual compassion and empathy, safeguarding the connection within the group. Known for outrageous and far-fetched ideas, Mamma’s energy, creativity and humor are as wonderful as they are unyielding; resulting in a dangerously fun and inspiring community-building machine.
OCCUPATION: Rehabilitation Therapist
DREAM: To own a Tornado Potato Van
HOMETOWN: Vancouver


No one keeps things as pleasantly simple in life quite like The Boz. He is your complete package – a critical thinker, an artistic talent, great with his hands, all held with a giant heart that is always ready to help. Jeff is extremely approachable and proves it with his amazing ability to connect instantly. He is most successful when given clear direction, reminders and held with accountability. He is strong, athletic, and good at just about anything. You will most often find him setting the friendly mood in a local coffee shop, in a park or making art.
SPECIALTY: Sandwiches
OCCUPATION: Artist and Landscaper
HOMETOWN: Vancouver

Lil’ Bear

With the endless energy and interest to learn just about anything, she’s our doer but not before she’s our creative visionary and our dreamer. She’s extremely fun, spunky, quirky, inquisitive and endearing. She makes the extra effort to reach out for meaningful connections and has an ability to read other people way beyond her years. She will openly share what’s on her mind and expects honesty in return. A true team player, she asks others for commitment, help with tools, materials and other practical aspects to put her creative dreams in motion.
SPECIALTY: Social Design, Herding Cats
HOMETOWN: Vancouver


Saxony is sensitive, wise and beautiful with a commitment to connection like none other. She naturally breeds reciprocal vulnerability from those who bask in her presence by graciously revealing herself. She thrives on one-to-one contact, listening intently because she actually wants to understand who you really are. She can single handedly lead our tribe from chaos to calm, leaving us delightfully centered and surprised at how pleasant it is to actually stop and check in, describing the depth of humanity simply, in a way that resonates with all of us. You will often find her stealing intimate moments from a friend in the corner of the room and yet she’s also been spotted erupting pure elation on the dance floor.
HIDDEN TALENT: Dangling from the mast of her sailboat with or without aerial silks, flying a plane
HOMETOWN: Vancouver


She’s spunky, beautiful, purposeful and present. Jessie has a willingness to help like no other and loves to donate her her time to any project that resonates with her. A unique amalgamation of the wise older sister/the crazy fun friend/the drama-less outdoorsy adventurer/ the natural babe next door, she’s a great mixer and mingler and cherishes her well-sought after pop-up trailer. Her self-titled, self-started dance party is enough to make anyone smile and can act as a rhythmic reminder that all is balanced and right in the world. This gal thrives when she’s given directions and instructions, so just tell her what to do!
QUOTE: Anything from Portlandia
OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse
HOMETOWN: Bellingham


Charlie lives his life committed, driven and dedicated to enriching the experiences of those around him. This is evident by his willingness to push us all further in our friendships and connections and his inclusive efforts to bring everyone in deep. He is a gifted mechanical engineer who believes strongly in practicality and the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid adage. Charlie is a powerful presence and strong leader who can be both tenaciously stubborn and also preciously adorable in his excitement about things. Charlie works best if he is supported by commitment and people with a shared vision.
ALSO KNOWN AS: Hans the Lifter
OCCUPATION: Mechanical Engineer
HOMETOWN: Vancouver


Jesse gets along with individuals from all walks of life and his huge heart has him constantly striving to make others comfortable. He will intentionally lure you in with his beautiful blue eyes and then spank you with sudden inspiration for a ridiculous idea that, you reason, actually just might work! He calls it 90% crap – 90% genius. Math whiz, park ranger and environmental educator, Jesse is brilliant at rallying the troops. Whether it’s a good idea or not, suddenly we’re ALL DOING IT TOGETHER!! Jesse has a special interest in group dynamics and works most effectively with personal check-ins and clear goals. He likes to emphasize, however, that goals evolve and one needs to be adaptable. He is constantly making the effort to individually connect, to ask questions and genuinely seeks to know others.
HOMETOWN: Vancouver
SPECIAL INTEREST: Working with at-risk youth (see link)


It’s nearly impossible not to adore her. Contained behind her striking beauty is boundless love and affection that the rest of us can only strive to reciprocate. Refreshingly innocent, hilariously witty and selflessly sweet, no one is more intrinsically inclined to be a natural caregiver. Sally has a genuine benevolence that never goes unnoticed by those fortunate enough to receive her warmth and is rivalled only by her desire to give to those she cares for. If she hasn’t found her way into your heart with her uncanny ability to give, to hug, to share or to care for you, she will definitely do so with a home cooked meal and an authentic conversation.
SPECIALTY: Mountain biking


The most recognized man in Vancouver, Travis is known to steal the show as easily as the average stranger steals his heart. He’s extremely outgoing and has a knack for connecting people. He’s a musician, an entertainer and consistently an all-around great time. On the one hand Trav is gentle, kind and full of love and yet thrives enthusiastically when performing and entertaining others.Travis is one of our best at making new friends and is known for always putting others first.
SPECIALTY: Consistently getting himself onstage
OCCUPATION: Tree planter and Stump Master General with Vancouver Parks Board


This woman knows what she wants and how to ask for it. Perhaps hers is the voice of reason or just the voice more persistent than the one in your own head, but somehow you still love hearing it after weeks of it telling you what to do. With a background in architectural design, quick mastery of any power tool and relentless attention to detail, her talent can build you anything. Fiona loves teaching and working with young adults and has a special place in her heart for engaging with the elderly. Fiona is able to bring her best when she feels accepted for who she is. She also has a knack for mediating conflict and letting others be just as they are.
SPECIALTY: Architecture, Education, Coordination
HOMETOWN: Brisbane


Karen grew up playing in the ocean’s of South Africa and the forests of British Columbia. She is passionate about connection and believes her life’s mission is to help others re-connect with self, with each other, and with the planet. Whether she’s teaching yoga, hosting a potluck, or getting teenagers to canoe in a meteor shower, Karen finds a way to foster presence in those around her. Spend a moment with her and you’ll find yourself opening up, as if you’ve found a long lost friend. Her super power is keeping groups on healthy and happy by ensuring everyone feels heard and appreciated. Karen is fueled by the beauty of the world and you’ll often see her stopping to smell the flowers.
SPECIALTY: Facilitator, Sustainability, Youth Engagement, Yoga
HOMETOWN: Vancouver







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